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I'll take a crack at writing a critique for once. I enjoyed this thoroughly >A> <3 A very nice read, since I'm secretly a total slut fo...


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I'm just around here, lurking like usual.  I've mostly been on Tumblr (Hissyluxia) recently.  I post more sketches on there.  Edit:  And I take ANY drawing requests on Tuesday.  I might have a thing like that on here sometime since I don't lurk here as much as I used to.

Just making a journal to say I haven't forgotten you guys ;D (as I have been drawing and submitting, but my presence otherwise has left lots to be desired).

Anyways, yeah!

Hi to all my new watches!  I'm over 600 now :U  Holy fuck.
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Hello there. uvu
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Happy birthday >w</ <3 :party::cake::party:
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Hi, I am Xemnas.:iconxemnasplz:
And I will be taking over DeviantART for Kingdom Hearts
Once you read this you
cannot play Kingdom hearts 2 without any cheat.
Finish reading this or I will give you fluffy unicorn :iconsocuteplz:

As I said, I am Xemnas
I am 358/2 years old pedobear.:iconpedobearsadfapplz:
I have no heart,but Demyx didn't believe me
and diet coke all over my face.

If you don't send this to over 9000 spartan :iconover9000plz:
Marluxia will will come to your house at
midnight and I'll hide under your bed.
When you're asleep, Vexen will RAPE you. :iconpervyvexenplz:
Don't believe me? "of course you don't":iconfacepalmplz:

Case 1:
Sora Uke-ass

Got this e-mail. She doesn't believe
in chain letters. Well, Foolish uke.
he was sleeping when his TV started
flickering on and off. Now he's watching all Gintama episode to death with all the silly weeaboo parody.:icongintrollfaceplz:
then Riku came and you know what he gonna do....
Sora gonna regret that night Nya~!! Ha Ha Ha ha!!!!
You don't want to be like Sora right?
Of course you want ohohohoho

Case 2:
Cloud Fapmother

Hates chain mail more than sandwich, but he didn't want
to raped by Marluxia that night.
He sent it to 4 trollface on Hollow bastion.
Not good enough Cloud.
Now,Cloud is in Sephiroth house,being raped by Leon and sephy,and watched by all the fangirl in Youtube.:iconpervysephirothplz:
we don't know if he'll ever stop. Ha ha Cloud,Nya
ha! Now, do you want to be like Cloud?
I bet you did want... Pervert fangirl

Case 3:
Zexion shotaneko

he got this letter. Another chain
letter by Marluxia he thought.
He send it To all the organization after hacked Diz computer.
Well, That night when he was
having a shower and he saw Marluxia with bunny ear and condom in the bathtub.
It was the BIGGEST fright of his life.
Zexion was trolled
was Scarred...
By Marly pink hair...:iconmarluxiaplz:
He never want to see Marly again...

maybe~ you mad now officer?

Case 4:
Kairi Bitchin bitch
This is the final case I'll tell you about because im Hungry.
Well, Kairi was a smart biatch.
She Fuck the spam for hour and send it too 676322433,23233 people in whole world with Gummy ship.
Later that day....
she found over 9000 sea salt ice cream.
and give it back to Roxas...

Then She was promoted to head
Commander of Heartless squad by Maleficent
and his girlfriend,Namine

yes to her marriage proposal.:iconpervynamineplz:

Now, Kairi and
Namine are living happily EVEN after Roxas marry Axel.
They have 2 beautiful LOLii and belong to Xemnas.

Send this to over 9000 spartan in 125165516 light speed or
you'll face the great pedobear Marluxia.

0 people - You forced to watch ALL the Gintama anime episode by Riku
1-6 people - you will in sephy and leon house forever
7-11 people - you will get the biggest fap by Marly in your live
over 9000 - you are gonna have the ticket to join The sex organization,The organization XIII which including raeping Len,Ciel,Bridget,Hideyoshi,and all the loli you want! :iconhigh5plz:

:iconmahboiplz::iconsaysplz: DO IT NOW MAH BOI !!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconpervyzexionplz:
Adrianna-Grezak Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Thank you for fav-ing my homage to MC Escher! Feel free to follow me on Facebook [link] by clicking the "Like" button!
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